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1.4 Numerical expressions in everyday language Mauro Giuffré Numeri per Parlare. Da ‘quattro chiacchiere’ a ‘grazie mille’
1.3 “You´re welcome” – speech acts of thanking and their reactions in Japanese and English Martina Ebi Thanking and Politeness in Japanese. Balancing Acts in Interaction
3.2 A comprehensive source of 2000 keywords in pragmatics Yves Laberge The Oxford Dictionary of Pragmatics.
2.2 Bringing historical contexts and language use together, or how to do historical sociopragmatics Joanna Kopaczyk Historical Sociopragmatics
1.2 Social identities are constantly reconstructed and reevaluated by individuals. Yves Laberge The Narrative Construction of Identities in Critical Education
4.1 An important contribution to the research of the Pomeranian language in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo Dagna Zinkhahn Rhobodes Sprachplanung und Spracherhalt innerhalb einer pommerischen Sprachgemeinschaft. Eine soziolinguistische Studie in Espírito Santo / Brasilien
3.1 Are the Theories Applicable to Authentic English in use? A Corpus-based Approach to Theories of Pragmatics in Use Yilmin Koo Introducing Pragmatics in Use
2.1 Pragmatics for scholars and students Neus Nogué-Serrano Introduction to Pragmatics
1.1 Pragmatic approaches to languages in contrast: Expansion or recycling? Heinz Leonhard Kretzenbacher Contrastive Pragmatics
1.4 Praxeological foundations, sequential intertwining and the search for adequate research designs – Membership Categorisation Analysis with and after Sacks Dominik Gerst Advances in Membership Categorisation Analysis
2.2 Facework in online communities of practice Heinz Leonhard Kretzenbacher (In)Appropriate Online Behavior. A pragmatic analysis of message board relations
1.2 Are Japanese conversations planned differently from ours? Yves Laberge Conversational Storytelling among Japanese Women. Conversational circumstances, social circumstances and tellability of stories
3.1 Overview across various fields of speech acts and politeness Carmen M Garcia Speech Acts and Politeness across Languages and Cultures
2.1 A Comprehensive Introduction to Conversation Analysis Wei Ren An Introduction to Conversation Analysis (2nd ed.)
1.1 Advances in interaction-based prosody research Israel Berger Prosody in Interaction
1.4 An overlooked book in French about discourse analysis and social demand Yves Laberge L’Analyse du discours dans la société. Engagement du chercheur et demande sociale
2.2 Conflating Studies of Political Humour Discourse and Popular Entertainment Culture Benjamin Nickl Studies in Political Humour
3.1 Interdisciplinary approaches to the investigation of norms and normality Julia Montemayor Gracia Norm und Normalität. Beiträge aus Linguistik, Soziologie, Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaften
2.1 An onomasiological approach to linguistic approximators in Romance languages Daniela Marzo „Wird man von hustensaft wie so ne art bekifft?” Approximationsmarker in romanischen Sprachen
1.1 Focal or subsidiary? Managing gender categories in analysis Houxiang Li Conversation and Gender
2.2 Politeness calls – re-exploring the use of English thanking formulae in radio phone-ins from New Zealand and Britain Monika Kirner Thanking Formulae in English. Explorations across varieties and genres
3.1 The first dictionary dedicated to semantics Yves Laberge Key Terms in Semantics
2.1 A framework for the study of ideology in written language: How to lower ideology’s immunity to experience and observation Vahid Parvaresh Ideology in Language Use: Pragmatic Guidelines for Empirical Research
1.1 Language and the world: Some perspectives on impact linguistics Monika Kirner The Language Impact. Evolution – System – Discourse
2.1 Discourse analysis of politeness: from the perspective of contrastive and intercultural pragmatics Chen Wang Politeness in Institutional Discourse: Face-Threatening Acts in Native and Nonnative English Business Letters
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